Our Scents


Black Amethyst is a luxurious, sophisticated scent with layers of jasmine, black amber, and sweet musk. Infused with Amethyst crystals. 
White Quartz is a rich, creamy vanilla scent with hints of soft florals and warm amber. Infused with Quartz crystals. 
Grey Tourmaline is a lively scent of sweet agave wrapped with lemon and white tea leaves, with a bit of sweet candle-wood and vanilla to smooth it out. Infused with Tourmaline crystals. 


Rose Quartz is a beautiful, calming scent. Lavender and Japanese Cherry Blossom make up a bulk of this scent and undertones of fresh rose and eucalyptus breakthrough to enhance its natural aroma. 

White Rose Quartz is a fresh, airy scent. Deep patchouli and warm amber intermingle with fresh lemon citrus, airy ozone, and heady rose that give way to hints of fresh cotton blossom for an intoxicating blend of divine creation.

Red Rose Quartz is a sultry, floral scent. Pink pepper, bergamot, and decadent plum mingle with alluring black rose for an unforgettable aromatic experience.